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You can search for items on the Home Page or browse items by category. To place a bid you must register for an account.  If you wish to list your own private items for auction, you must be a member of TABA - simply register as a seller, and if your membership is not current you will receive an email on how to renew it and then you may list all the items you want. 

Auction - A Traditional Auction listing allows items to sell to the highest bidder. The start price is specified, and people bid against each other in specified bid increments. Traditional Auctions may have both a Reserve and Buy Now price.

Dutch Auction – A Dutch Auction is another name for a multiple item auction. These listings are for selling more than one identical item individually in an auction format. Rather than creating a listing for each item, they can be sold one at a time, with one listing. Buyers can submit a bid for one, or multiple items in a Dutch Auction listing. When there are multiple buyers for a Dutch Auction, the item’s final cost is the lowest successful bid by the highest bidders.

Fixed Price
- A Fixed Price listing does not allow bidding. The only acceptable price for the item(s) is specified. One item or multiple identical items can be sold with one Fixed price listing. Because there is no bidding on fixed priced listings, all items are Buy Now.

Buy Now - When viewing an item, you may see a Buy Now price. The Buy Now feature allows instant purchasing.  

Reserve - The Reserve price is the absolute minimum dollar amount that will be accepted for an item. Buyers are notified after placing their bid if it is below the Reserve price. If a Buyer's maximum bid is greater than the Reserve price, the Reserve is automatically met and that user is the high bidder. The ability to set a Reserve price is only available to Traditional Auctions .

Searching - There are two ways to seach for items, Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Basic Search - Accessible from both the Home Page and Browse.

  • Enter Keywords, Item #, or Username

  • Select appropriate search parameter

    • Title & Description

    • Item #

    • User

  • Click "Search" button

Advanced Search - Accessible by clicking the "Advanced Search" button on the Home Page

The following options are available for the Advanced Search:

  • Load Saved Search - Use a previously saved search.

  • Category - Select a specific item category or "All Categories."

  • Search - Enter Keywords or Item #. To search Title & Descriptions check the appropriate box.
    The following options are available for keyword search:

    • All of these words

    • Any of these words

    • Exactly these words

  • Item Options - Used to search custom item fields. Example: ISBN # for textbooks.

  • Refine Your Search - Narrow the search. Reduce the number of search results by setting specific searchable properties.

    • Price Range

    • Start Date

    • End Date

    • Words to Exclude

    • Listing type

      • Classified

      • Fixed Price

      • Auction

      • Dutch

    • Listing Options

      • Completed

      • Buy Now! only

      • No Reserve only

      • With Pictures only

  • Display Format - How to organize the items your search returns.

    • Items Ending First - Items with the least ammount of time left first.

    • Items Ending Last - Items with the longest ammount of time left first.

    • Newest Items First - Items with the most recent start date.

    • Oldest Items First - items with the oldest start date.

    • Lowest Price First

    • Highest Price First

    • Most Bids First

    • Least Bids First

    • Alphabetically

    • Reverse Alphabetically

Press "GO" to activate Advanced Search.




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