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Please contact TABA at so your own Auction Category may be set up for you.  You will have access to your own private administration area to easily enter all details of your auction listings, including start and end dates, starting price and optional reserve price and optional buy now price, descriptions, photos, payment preferences and more.

  • Sellers enter into a legally binding contract with bidders on the system as soon as the first person bids on your item.
  • You may list horses, saddles and tack, farm equipment, vehicles and trailers, books, and virtually unlimited categories of items of interest to the horse industry.  However, Stallion Breedings by sellers other than TABA Stallion Auction Administration are not allowed at this time.  
  • You may sell items any time during the year in your regular listings, but cannot select to place paid homepage listings during TABA Stallion Breeding Auction weeks.   
  • Seller must take care to list accurately, as the system will not allow changes to reserve price, buy now price options, photo images, or dates of auction once an item has received a bid.  This ethics feature of the software is for legal protection of buyers and sellers.
  • You must set the start date and ending date of your auction.  If you do not set a start date, the listing will go live immediately.
  • The software does allow changes to the description of an item after a listing is active even if it is receiving bids.  
  • You can list up to 6 images per listing.  If you have additional photos you did not upload before your auction listing received a bid, you can still edit your listing make a note in the description for bidders to view extra photos at a different URL.
  • If you receive a question from a bidder about your listing, they may write to you confidentially through the auction screen and system.  When you receive a message like this, it will come to you thru  Do not reply to the auction address to answer the question... there is a note at the bottom of the email which provides a link for you to answer the question and your response will be seen by the public on screen for your listing.
  • You can end an auction early.  If the listing has not received a bid, the listing will be moved into your My Account folder Unsuccessful Listings section, and you can choose to relist it later.  If the listing has received a bid over your reserve or if you have not designated a reserve price, the listing will be moved into your My Account folder as a Successful Listing and will recognize the high bidder as the legal buyer of your listing.
  • Sellers, before you list an item please read carefully the detailed instructions below, and look at your My Accounts menu in your private administration area to become familiar with all the features available to you in this auction software.

Good luck with your Sales!

There are several visual effects and listing options available. These are optional and some require a fee.  As a Seller you may configure your auctions as you please.

  1. HomePage Featured - These listings will be randomly selected to be displayed on our main page.  There is a charge for this feature.
  2. Category Featured - The listing will be featured above other items in category listings. 
  3. Gallery Listing - The listing will be featured in the gallery section with a big phot at the top of the home page. 
  4. Highlight Listing - The listing with have a highlighed background to attract attention. 
  5. Bold Listing - The listing title will be displayed with a bold font. 
  6. Hit counter - A free service to help track how many views your listing has received.  No charge. 
  7. Auto Relist - Automatically relist an unsold item (a multiple item listing that has had at least one sale will not be auto relisted).
To list items for sale or trade, you must first enter the item information.

The following fields are required:

  • Category - This is the category and/or sub-category where your listing will be located.  Please use your own Auction category, which will be set up for you when you contact TABA.
  • Title - The title of your listing.
  • QuantityThe quantity of goods to be sold or traded.
  • Item Location - The location the items will be shipped from.
  • Detailed Description - Any information about the item(s) for sale or trade.
  • Selling Method - Traditional Auction, Dutch Auction, Fixed Price Listing, Classified Ad, 
  • Number of Days to Run - The listing duration. Seller must enter the Start and/or End dates for the listing.
  • Starting Price - The lowest acceptable price for your listing (unless you specify a Reserve), or the cost of goods for a Fixed Price listing.
  • Preferred Currency - For international sales, the price of your item will be displayed in this currency.
  • Start and End Date - Seller must specify the exact start and end date of the listing.

The following fields are optional:

  • Hit Counter Style
  • Home Page Featured
  • Category Featured
  • Gallery Listing
  • Highlight Listing
  • Bold Listing
  • PayPal Email - Supply your PayPal email address and a link will be created for the winning bidder(s) to make a payment.
  • Shipping Cost - The additional charge for shipping and handling the item(s).
  • Who Will Pay Shipping? - Indicate if the Buyer or Seller will pay for the cost of shipping the item(s).
  • Auto Relist - Allows you the option of having your items automatically relist if they go unsold (a multiple item listing that has had at least one sale will not be auto relisted).  There is no relisting fee.
  • Upload Base Image - This is the main image for your listing. This image is used if the "Gallery Listing" feature is selected.
  • Free Extra Images - Additional images that can be added to the listing without extra fees. You can add up to 6 images.

The following options are optional and only available for Traditional Auctions:

  • Buy It Now
  • Reserve Price

Some item categories may require additional information. For example, a category called "Textbooks" may require the seller to include the ISBN or edition.

Bid increments are preset at $100 for items at a bidding price of $100 or more. 

Adding Images - You can add images when you list an item. You can also edit a listing at any time to include additional images.

Images must be in .jpg or .gif format. 

Image size 600px maximum width x 600px maximum height.

Maximum file size each image: 1mb (equal to 1,048,576 bytes or 1,024kb)

  • .jpg - File format that reduces file size without reducing image quality.
  • .gif - Common file format used specifically for web graphics.

To upload an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Click "Browse"
  2. Locate the image file on your computer
  3. Select the file name
  4. Click "Open"

To change an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Check the box marked "Delete"
  2. Click "Browse"
  3. Locate the image file on your computer
  4. Select the file name
  5. Click "Open"
The images that you choose for your listing can be interchanged. If you do not like the original image order, you can rearrange them by changing their sequence number.

Edit a Listing - Complete listing information can be edited IF:
  • Auction and Dutch Auction - The item has recieved 0 (zero) bids
  • Fixed Price Listing - 0 (zero) items have been sold
  • The listing is a Classified Ad

If a listing has received bids or one of multiple items have sold, the following changes can be made:

  • The Seller can append a note to the item description
  • Listing Options can be added

You may not change reserve price or buy now price once an item has received a bid.

To Edit a listing:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu
  3. Select the "Selling" tab
  4. Select [edit item]
  5. Make changes to available fields
  6. Click the button "Save Changes"


Cancel a Listing - There are two ways to cancel an active listing. You can:

  • End the listing early OR
  • Delete the listing

To End a listing early (immediately):

  1. login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu
  3. Select the "Selling" tab
  4. Select [edit item]
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item page
  6. Type the word "End" into the appropriate text field
  7. Click the button "End Early"

To Delete a listing (immediately):

  1. login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu
  3. Select the "Selling" tab
  4. Select [edit item]
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item page
  6. Type the word "Delete" into the appropriate text field
  7. Click the button "Delete Item"

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